Wednesday, November 16, 2011


   After a two week Road Trip vacation across country, I returned to Disney and this incredible project to advertise Kick Buttowski at the 2011 X Games was sitting on the table . It truly was a great opportunity,  and a perfect match for me, owning the same car at home, and years of passion for racing in my blood how could I not accept such a challenge.
Here is a taste of the blueprints, 3 Layer Nomex FIA Racing Suit, Helmet, and Poster builds for a very talented and fast Driver.   

Massive Drop in ramp for Vert event!

Above first Pass on the Car's Wrap!

Revised below, what XD wanted to maintain the brand, a few color changes and skin on kick's face. Still turned out nice, and I can't complain you know, honestly if Tampax wanted me to drive a pink car with tampons and flower graphics on it, full paid sponsorship I would race that thing hard and proud!

This Fia 3 layer nomex racing suit cut into the drivers sponsorship &
cost a pretty penny sorry about that Stephan!

Driver signing poster

These Kick foam fingers were a huge hit glad I kept a few, before they ran out.